Container Homes NZ


Off-Grid and Grid Tied Solar Power Systems. 

We have a full range of Off-Grid and Grid-Tied Solar Power systems starting from only $7500 designed to integrate into your Container Home.

Need to be completely Off-Grid?……look no further than our fully self contained Off-Grid Pod.  The Off-Grid Pod is designed for anyone wanting a Container Home in areas without access to any mains services and can be delivered anywhere in Australia or the South Pacific.

A first following years of R&D, we’ve taken away the hassle,  making off-grid living a simple realty.  Our Off-Grid Pod is fully customisable and has everything you need including Power and clean water in a single, transportable Pod you simply connect to your Container Home or existing structure.

Our Off-Grid Pods include;

    • Solar Power system
    • Battery Storage
    • Water Harvesting & Storage
    • 3 Stage Water Purification System with UV (tank, rain, stream, dam water etc)
    • 1000l food grade water storage tank (ugradable)
    • Pre-configured and ready to connect
    • Fully Customisable to suit your needs.
    • Upgrade options available including Generator back up power
    • Easy set up within just a few hours (plumber and electrician required)

*Cost Effective

*Environmentally friendly renewable energy 

*Easy Install & Low Maintenance

*Rugged Design 

* Customise and Upgradable